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Get your XL Pitbull puppies, XL Pitbulls, XL American Bullies & French Bulldogs from a veteran-owned breeder. We provide superior quality dogs and excellent customer service.. 6 week old xl bully puppy check out our puppies on the puppy page! WE GOT FRENCHIES!! TKK Instagram feed. Get in touch. Name* Last name. Your email* Message* Telephone.

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• Your Perfect Family Companion - The American XL Bully, also known as the xl pitbull or bully pit, is a loyal breed with a calm temperament and remarkable size and structure. Our puppies are specifically bred to be social, calm, and great with children, making them the perfect family dog for any household.

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$4,000 (Dark Pink Female) $4,000 (Cream Female) Customer Reviews ★★★★★ 5/5 We have the missing piece to your family's puzzle Quality Matters… Models Only… **the best american bullies in the world** Here at Decipher Kennels, all of our XL Bullies are raised together in a wonderful environment.

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Bully Temperament It is safe to say that although this breed possesses an impressive stature, with defined muscles and a strong build, they are very, very sweet hearted and have a soft temperament. Many people believe the American Bully is simply a type of pit-bull this is false and is a common misconception towards this breed.

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Our American bully xl puppies are the largest pit bulls you have ever seen, with BIG HEADS, THICK NECKS, a STRONG BODY STRUCTURE, and BIG MUSCLES. Our pit bull dogs are full-blooded pitbulls that are also dual registered as American pitbull terrier puppies by the UKC and American bully puppies by the ABKC. LOOKING FOR PITBULL BREEDERS NEAR ME?

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BUFFO bietet Deinem Hund in jedem Alter und in jeder Lebenslage die passende Ernährung. Du kannst die Produkte bequem online bestellen und nach Hause liefern lassen.

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View Our Available Puppies By Clicking Here! Specializing in BIG XL Bullies Our puppies are everything you would expect in an XL style pitbull & bully dog. Our program consists of some of the most respected XL Pitbull bloodlines in the American Bully community.

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1st PICK FEMALE - $10,000 1st PICK MALE - $10,000 2nd PICK MALE - $6,500 3rd PICK MALE - SOLD PENNYWIZE x MR. FROST 1st FEMALE - $15,000 buyout 2nd FEMALE - SOLD 3rd FEMALE - SOLD 4th FEMALE - SOLD 1st MALE - $15,000 buyout 2nd MALE -SOLD 3rd MALE - $8,000 4th MALE - $6,000 5th MALE - SOLD 6th MALE - $3,000

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American Bully puppies for sale 194 American Bully puppies for sale Save Search The highly adaptable American Bully is appreciated for its powerful, muscular structure and loyal temperament. Emerging in the 1980s from crossbreeding various bulldogs and terriers, this breed displays a fierce appearance coupled with a gentle demeanor.

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Hundefreuden.de: hochwertiges Hundefutter & Zubehör von Markenherstellern. Qualität ist unser Fokus. Daher führen wir nur Produkte, die uns selbst überzeugen.

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In 2013, the United Kennel Club (UKC) also recognized the American Bully Breed. The American Bully is divided into four classes: Pocket, Standard, Classic, and XL. classes are determined by the Height, Not The Weight. Camp Bully Kennels focuses on the XL class. XL males can grow up to 20″ - 23″ in height and XL females can grow up to 19.

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Welcome to Unleashed Kennelz. We are a family owned and operated kennel specializing in the production of elite XL Pit bulls / Bullies. Unleashed was founded in 2003. We have an established line that produces immaculate structure, excellent health, unparalleled athleticism, and stable temperament. Many of our dogs have been health tested over.

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Find American Bully puppies for sale Near Charlotte, NC. Dog Trainers, Expert in Genetics. Breeder of Elite, Athletic XL Pitbulls & American Bullies. 4 pickup & drop-off options. XLRG BULLIES. 16 miles away from Charlotte, NC.. ABKC & UKC registered American Bully Puppies includes top quality pedigrees with excellent conformation.

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The American Bully is a confident, muscular, and loving breed known for its strong appearance and gentle nature. This versatile dog was developed in the United States by crossing various bull-baiting and terrier breeds. American Bullies are adept family pets, known for their loyalty, intelligence, and patience with children.