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The LMCURBS Snow Diverter is specifically designed to divert the snow and ice away from stacks and vent pipes on metal roofs to avoid unnecessary damage. The Snow Diverter will retain the snow above the roof penetration to prevent excessive loads being applied to the penetrations. The Snow Diverter system mounts to the utility clamps with the stainless steel bolt provided.

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4ft of butyl tape About This Snow Diverter Snow Diverter measures: 16″ L x 14″ W x 11″ H Has a 1 1/2″ flange with pre-lasered screw holes. Made from 18 gauge steel Mill finish or powder coated Available in the following colors: Black Dark Bronze Green Medium Bronze White No assembly required Color Chart Installation Instructions

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VentSaver is made from high-quality, non-corrosive, aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel cable, and comes with stainless hardware. We also recommend installing snow guards on upper roof areas to prevent the impact of snow and ice dropping from unprotected upper roof areas onto roof areas with the VentSaver installed. ABOUT US.

Metal Roof Snow Guards Snow Guard For Standing Seam Metal Roof

SNOW DIVERTERS The possibility of vents, flue stacks, or even satellite dishes being destroyed by sliding snow and ice on metal roof tops can be nearly eliminated by installing a Sky Products Snow Diverter utilizing the S-5!® clamps, without penetrating your standing seam roof.

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Product Details Snow guards are designed to prevent snow shed onto walkways, balconies, and other areas falling snow and ice can be hazardous. The 1-piece snow guards are made with American Steel. Aesthetically pleasing by matching existing metal roof color. 29-Gauge steel material color matched to roof panels

Precision roof snow guards by AceClamp Snowguards

The ultimate engineered solution for ribbed metal roofing. This stainless steel heavy-duty snow divider protects your chimney from becoming damaged by sliding snow. See the new galvanized versions here! The Kuma Snow Destroyer is designed to install around the raised ribs that nearly all metal roofs have.

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The Snow Diverter holds the snow above the roof penetration and prevents excessive snow loads from being applied to the penetration. Constructed of .125 (1/8 ) 3003 aluminum, the Snow Diverter is fully welded and is shipped in mill finish. The only thing you need to complete your installation is two (2) S-5!. SD-1624 Fits metal roof panels.

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Snow Bar- A continuous horizontal metal bar that spans the entirety of the roof. Colorgard systems are designed to match your roof to be less noticeable. SnoFence™ Snow Fence- Multiple horizontal tubes that act as a fence. Often higher and more noticeable than a snow bar. Offered in aluminum or brass.

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DuraVent Snow Splitter for Metal Roofs (2) Brand: DuraVent 4.5 84 ratings | 15 answered questions $60678 Size: 2 2 3 6"

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Sno Shield's Pipe Diverters are used in snow retention for vent pipe and chimney protection on metal a shingled roofs. If you do not want to install snow guards the whole span of the roof, but you want to move the snow away from certain areas such as pipe vents, a pipe diverter could be the solution. Pipe diverters do the following:

Metal roof snow guards Metal Roof Experts in Ontario, Toronto, Canada.

Snow retention is an important part of a roof, especially for metal roofs. That is why Sno Shield™ came up with a variety of snow diverters to accommodate most types of standing seam metal roofs, exposed-fastened roofs and asphalt shingle roofs. This is done using a variety of Sno Shield™ and S-5!® products. INTRODUCING A NEW SNOW DIVERTER

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Featured Products Snow Guards prevent the dangerous movement of frozen precipitation on a sloped roof by suspending it in a holding field so it can melt completely or drop off in small amounts. Compare models to find which snow guard is right for you.

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Description. Customer Reviews. Snow diverters come in various shapes and sizes. The Snow Terminator snow diverter is for heavy snow load areas. Both the ST01 and the ST02 accommodate tall pipe vents. Made of 14 gauge and powder coated, the Snow Terminator will look good on any roof. The installation is a quick and easy waterproof install.

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DuraTech Snow Splitter This Snow Splitter is constructed with paintable, galvanized material and designed to withstand heavy snow loads, diverting snow around chimney, vent and roof flashing. This product features a bendable attachment flange that allows it to mount on any roof slope, and works with 6" - 10" chimney pipe.

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SELKIRK Galvanized Roof Snow/Ice Splitter. 0 Reviews. Item: #5532-100. Model: #20-01922 Product Overview Description. Designed to deflect snow and ice. Prevents unnecessary strain or damage to a chimney; Mounts directly on the roof above chimney; Made from heavy-gauge, galvanized steel; Our Return Policy If you are not completely satisfied.