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Let us help you tackle your DIY roof raise without sacrificing quality or safety. Our precision manufactured hat channels match the original engineering that went into the bus so you can raise it with confidence. All hat channels come with alignment inserts pre-installed. Up to 20"

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Roof Raise Skoolie Google Click Here to Login Thread Tools « "Savor It"- A Skoolie Project | Solar Panel Installation! » Somehow I managed to get the brackets welded up, everything chopped, raised and pretty solid in one day.alone. I didn't get all of the mullions installed (due to figuring out future window sizes)

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There are many benefits to a roof raise. For most people, the additional head space and storage are the main reasons. Each build is unique, and we will work with you to determine how high you need your roof raise to be. (See our blog post about roof raise benefits & considerations.

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Skoolie Roof Raise: Cost and Materials Artsy Reclaimed 1.78K subscribers Subscribe 614 19K views 2 years ago #skoolieconversion #skoolie #offgrid Find out what it costs and the materials used.

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Raising the roof of a skoolie can take the space from cramped to airy and livable - especially if you are over six feet tall! Most school buses come with a stock height of six feet and it can be a majorly discouraging factor if you or your family members are over six feet and don't want to permanently hunch over inside your future home.

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Framing the transition for the roof raise. After trimming back the opening we weld in tube steel supports. The transition is not only critical for strength.

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Considering a Roof Raise For Your Skoolie? Pros Head space is probably the most popular reason for doing a bus roof raise. School buses are known to be a bit low overhead, when standing. Once you start converting your bus into a livable space you are going to lose even more of that head space. You will likely add insulation and new flooring.

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The Cost of a School Bus Roof Raise Will be Based on Many Factors: Bus size More materials are needed for a larger bus if you are intending to raise the entire roof or partial, shorties will have half less sheeting costs and hat channel cost. Roof Height Will determine the size of sheeting needed to close the gap. DIY Build

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Roof raise Google Thread Tools Display Modes « 2005 FS65 heat | Hitch receiver needed » Hello all, we have a International 40' flat nose Front engine bus and wanting to do a roof raise. i would like to do a below window raise. 1. what height are people liking. i was thinking 12" 2.

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In this video we show how we did an 18" full, below the window roof raise on our flat nose front engine school bus (future skoolie). We also show exactly whe.

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Preparing for my ROOF RAISE and WEIGHING-IN (Skoolie Conversion Guide #3) Chuck Cassady 28.5K subscribers Subscribe 33K views 1 year ago #skoolie #busconversion #offgridliving FINALLY.

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On this weeks episode we finally raise the roof on our school bus. We take you along the entire process and show you how to weld in the new metal. Join us ea.

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How much does it typically cost to get the roof raised on a school bus so that it's a height that makes sense for adults to walk around inside? I'm not planning to do the work myself; a chronic

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A skoolie is an old school bus that's been converted into a mobile home. Some people choose skoolies over RVs or campers because of their structural integrity. "School buses are designed to.

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What Is The Ceiling Height Of A School Bus? Extended Roof School Buses What School Bus Has The Most Headroom? School Bus Make and Model Interior Ceiling Height 78 inches or 6.5 feet 77 inches or 6.41 feet 76.5 inches or 6.37 feet 75.8 inches or 6.31 feet 75 inches or 6.25 feet 74 inches or 6.16 feet 73 inches or 6.08 feet 67.8 inches or 5.65 feet

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Thread Tools Display Modes « BUS Parts | Harita House - Flooring Construction » My wife and I recently purchased a 98 Thomas Saf-t-liner from a guy who already started the conversion process. The interior height is 6.5ft, but we would really like to gain some additional inside