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Main dish: Blackened chicken or fish Side dishes: Fresh green beans with sliced almonds, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream Dessert: Turtle Cheesecake Serve sparkling wine, seltzer water, and flavored coffee as beverage choices. Menu Ideas for the Kids Kids can enjoy an 80s theme just as much as the adults.

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Chicken Francese. A tender, lemony chicken Francese is a great 80s party food. It's easy to make, and it can be served with a side of rice or pasta. You can have any part of the chicken meat for this dish. Francese is great with boneless, skinless breasts, or even breasted chicken. You can also have this dish with shrimp.

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1. Funfetti Cake Fat Girl Trapped In A Skinny Body Listen, we have to address the elephant in the room, but cake is the most important part of the party. It sets the tone for the day and you know that the kids will be satisfied and appropriately infused with sugar once the time comes.

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The food trends of the 1980s indicate an overall shift towards healthier foods and more international cuisine, but there's also evidence of pop culture making certain foods more desirable — for example, "Ghostbusters" and "Roseanne" catapulted Twinkies and Sloppy Joes towards a renaissance.

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Created January 10, 2017 Can you throw a great '80s party? Like, for sure! Just tap your inner Debbie Gibson and rely on this fun menu of totally '80s party foods, drinks and décor that will bring your guests right back to that most tubular of decades. (Don't forget the wine coolers!) Classic '80s Foods

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What was not to like about party food in 1980's? It was definitely the best decade to be in if you were partial to a sugar related high and a smidgen of tooth decay! Party food wasn't about vegetable sticks, dips and a sea of beige food it was a wonderful rainbow of artificial colours and preservatives.

1980's Foods 15 Popular Recipes and Food Trends from the '80s

1. Potato skins Potato skins are a cornerstone of 1980s snacks. Topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, and green onions, they're easy to love. 2. Mini quiches Individual quiches are the perfect 80s cocktail party food. Flavor them however you like—though we suggest mushrooms and caramelized onions for the filling. 3. 7-layer dip

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Mom's Swedish Meatballs. Mom fixed this Swedish meatball recipe for all sorts of family dinners, potluck suppers and PTA meetings. The scent of browning meat is intoxicating. Add to that the sweet smell of onions caramelizing, and everyone's mouth starts watering. —Marybeth Mank, Mesquite, Texas.

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This week we're talking about the recipes that defined a decade, like the Lipton onion dip of the 60s and the popularity of quiche in the 70s. Today we tackle the 1980s. Beyond incredible dance music and neon outfits, the 80s offered up some new and sometimes surprising developments, including the rise of nouvelle cuisine and the beginning of the reign of Lean Cuisine meals. But of course.

80s nostalgia food for a retro dinner date night My Sweet Home Life

01 of 44 Party Cheese Ball Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Torie Cox We'll repeat it until the cows come home: It's not a party without a cheese ball. You'll fondly recognize this blend of Cheddar, cream cheese, and Worcestershire sauce. We added a touch of blue cheese for extra tang.

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Looking back, there were some 80s food recipes that were popular with most families. Many are still popular now. Here's a few food brands I remember (most are still around) and recipes that I remember, too. Some I will share an older classic recipe and a more modern version. I hope this helps anyone looking for 80's theme party recipes, too. 1.

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Pac Man and Breakout. (Well, we didn't have Atari, we had Intellivision, so for us it was Frogger and Pitfall.) Every line of The Breakfast Club committed to memory. My prom dress was strapless, taffeta and had a bubble skirt. Yeah, the '80s were totally tubular.

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The 1980's was the decade where junk food came to prosper. To complete your '80's themed food party, don't forget the junk food. Fill a table with old favorites like Combos, Skittles, microwave popcorn, fruit-roll-ups, and any other popular fast food that revolutionized the 1980's household.

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Cajun Grilled Shrimp. The kicked-up marinade on these shrimp makes this a flavor-packed dish. Serve over rice, and make sure to squeeze those charred lemons over top—that makes them taste extra bright and delicious. —Sharon Delaney-Chronis, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Go to Recipe. 18 / 26. Taste of Home.

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The craze for dips meant that no '80s buffet table was complete without a hollowed out loaf filled with homemade dip and surrounded by crudités. Popular choices of dip included spinach and artichoke, or crab. Plum Torte. Every September from 1983, The New York Times printed a recipe for plum torte to mark the beginning of the Italian plum.

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1 / 65 Pizza Rolls Our family just loves my husband's version of store-bought pizza rolls. This is one of those classic '80s recipes you can't get enough of! They take some time to make, but they freeze well so we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor for a long time. —Julie Gaines, Normal, Illinois Go to Recipe 2 / 65 Taste of Home