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The Plunge Pro XL Roomier interior and cools 3x faster than our standard Plunge. from $6,290 $6,990 Dimensions 73"L x 32.5"W x 27"H 20 minute setup time Max cooling 39°F/4°C Use indoor and outdoor 1 year warranty Recommended for people over 6 feet tall Shop now New Generation Plunge All-In

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There are three models: The Plunge is $4999.00, the XL is 3″ taller, 6″ longer, and 1.5" wider than the original and costs $6990.00. Upgrading to the hot and cold option is an extra $1490.00. They also make a commercial grade version for gyms, spas or people who want to use it A LOT.

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On Season 13 of Shark Tank, two entrepreneurs from Sacramento, California, Michael Garret and Ryan Duety, pitch their business PLUNGE. It's a "cool" product (a float tub) designed to help with one's

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What Happened To Plunge On Shark Tank? After Herjavec climbed out of the tub feeling recharged and refreshed, Kevin O'Leary dove into the numbers. Initially operating out of Garrett's garage,.

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MEAWW.COM / Entertainment / TV 'Shark Tank': Plunge closes $2.4M deal with Robert Herjavec, fans say 'it's a cold tub' By Sushma Karra Updated On : 20:53 PST, May 2, 2022 FOLLOW Plunge founders Michael Garret and Ryan Duey with Robert Herjavec on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

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Plunge from Shark Tank season 13 episode 21 is an upgrade from your common ice bath. The Plunge cold tub automatically keeps the water in the tub at whatever cold temperature you desire. Yep, that means no more grocery store runs for the big bags of ice to get your ice bath started.

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Kimberly Elizabeth Graf May 5, 2022 Athletes all over the world have used cold plunges to improve general health and performance. Entrepreneurs Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey make cold plunges affordable, with clean filtered water and no need to buy 40 pounds of ice. Will the sharks dip into this deal during the Shark Tank Season 13 pitch?

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Take the plunge and explore the endless benefits of our ice bath therapy. Get the most invigorating recovery experience with our ice baths and saunas!

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Shark Tank US | Will Robert Dive Into A Deal With Plunge? - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey are seeking $1.2M for a 5% stake in their company Plunge.From Season 13.

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Our cold plunge tub uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you perfectly chilled, clean water whenever you want it—no ice needed. The Plunge is designed for indoor or outdoor use, and we've made installation a breeze. Just fill your Plunge with a hose, set your temp (as low as 39°F), and get ready to change your life. Size

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Plunge, the popular Shark Tank product that allows you to take a cold bath with a therapeutic effect, was one of the most successful products to come out of the tank. But what happened to Plunge after Shark Tank? Did it continue to be successful?

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PLUNGE on Shark Tank - Plunge SHARK TANK Season 13, Episode 21 First aired May 2, 2022 Robert Herjavec Takes a Plunge in Cold Water - Shark Tank Watch on As Seen on Shark Tank: What You Should Know About PLUNGE If you're here after seeing PLUNGE on Shark Tank, thanks for checking us out!

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Plunge is a fitness product added in Shark Tank Season 13, Episode 21 to help the consumer in his wellness routine. It has been proved by scientists that many diseases in the human body can be cured through this plunge. There are many diseases in the human body, as the human grows, that disease becomes visible.

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Plunge Features. The tub is 24" high, 31.5" wide, 67" long. (Mike is 6'6" so for sure the Plunge is going to accommodate bigger people.) The design is sleek and elegant and will fit into any décor. Cools to 39 degrees Fahrenheit (at a rate of approximately 3 degrees per hour). Setup is "plug-and-play.". Tub needs a sturdy, flat.

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Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey of Plunge say their cold tub -- set to 55 degrees -- tackles inflammation and more. Robert Herjavec agrees to give it a shot, a.