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Bullfrog Spas is proud to manufacture quality hot tubs right here in the USA. Learn about our 100% wood-free construction and the best spa warranty today. LOCATIONS | DESIGN & PRICE . Menu. a sturdy molded ABS spa frame made with no wood or metal so it will never rot or corrode.

water Can I build a hot tub using lumber? Home Improvement Stack Exchange

Hot Tub Frame Basics. Before deciding on materials and design, it's helpful to understand what a hot tub frame does: Provides full support underneath the entire hot tub shell; Lifts the tub off the ground for access to equipment and plumbing ; Allows you to match the height of your hot tub to surrounding features like a deck

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Snap a line to make sure the lines are straight. Place a concrete pier in each corner, one on each side, and one in the center, for a total of nine piers. Build a frame around the bottom using 2-by-10 boards cut to size. Insert them in the concrete pier slots. Nail the corners together using 16-penny nails.

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Post a wooden frame. Use pressure-treated 4×6 lumber designed for contact with the ground. The size of the frame can be anything, as long as it is larger than the size of the hot tub. 📌For the frame stability, we recommend drilling holes around the perimeter and inserting ½-inch diameter reinforcing rods into the wood and the ground. Step 4.

water Can I build a hot tub using lumber? Home Improvement Stack Exchange

INLIFE Round Spa Surround Poly Rattan Outdoor Massage Hot Tub Frame with Solid Acacia Wood Steps and Stoarge Compartment for Outdoor,Garden,Backyard,Patio Black 111.4"x 111.4"x 21.7" (LxWxH) 9. $1,22499. FREE delivery Aug 24 - 28.

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A treated wood frame can last 40 years under the right conditions and a galvanized steel frame can last 70 years under the right conditions (in either case it will outlast the life of the hot tub which is 15-20 years). In a hot tub however, both can prematurely deteriorate especially a steel frame if exposed to salt air or water.

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Steel-framed hot tubs give you 15 more years of enjoyment than wood. Steel-frame hot tubs are superior to wood-framed hot tubs in strength and resistance. They generally come with a lifetime warranty. This results in fewer issues and happier owners. When you're looking for a hot tub to purchase, consider the material composing the substructure.

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The structure of my hot tub started to rot and sag on one side. I tore out all of the old siding and supports and rebuilt the frame all the way around and up.

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Building the hot tub wrap. We started by replacing the newly painted toe toe kick. The toe kick is topped with a 1×2 board that we grooved on the bottom to notch over the plastic kicker. After that the first layer was some polystyrene, which fits between that 1×2 board and the similar dimension top board. In our case three of the four sides.

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Frame Construction. Frames are what support the hot tub shell in portable spas. The frame also provides a structure to attach the hot tub equipment too. Things like heaters, pumps, control boxes, and ozone generators are components that typically get fastened to the frame of the hot tub. Frames are usually made from one of three different types.

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1. Concrete (best in most cases) Cost for 8'x8' spa base: $400-$500 (around $8 per square foot) A concrete pad is one of the most common types of hot tub foundation. This is what most manufacturers or hot tub stores will recommend. Concrete is a strong and durable choice for a hot tub base, but it is permanent.

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A quality hot tub is the result of the Master Crafted process that begins with design to ensure performance and adds innovative features and advanced manufacturing to deliver a top-quality. Our heavy duty 2 x 4 engineered frame features a coated toe-kick to reduce moisture absorption where it matters most, the part of the frame closest to.

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REVOLUTIONARY FIXED BODY: HOT TUB & SPA option for houses, apartments,buildings or tight spaces that does not have access to move a normal Fixed Frame Hot Tub over the roof. Comes with hard frame & 6-layer Rhino-Tech Reinforced PVC inner liner. WI-FI ENABLED & APP CONTROLLED: Have full control of your MSpa at all times right at your fingertips.

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The cost factor for using larger dimensions when framing a 6'x6' or 8'x8' hot tub deck is marginal when compared to the structural integrity it provides. Begin with 20" footings that reach 12" below frost level or to bedrock. Use 6×6 posts and notch them to support at least two double 2×12 beams.

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