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Popeye 3 appearances No recent wiki edits to this page. History Alice The Goon made her debut in the Sunday, December 10th, 1933 comic strip Thimble Theatre, part of the Plunder Island.

Alice the Goon Popeye boom(er) Pinterest

Alice is the leader of a race of goons enslaved by the Sea Hag; Popeye and Alice lead them in a successful Spartacus -like slave rebellion . At the time, Alice caused controversy with protective parents, who claimed that her frightening appearance alarmed their children.

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Despite the meaning her name has taken on, Alice was actually a sympathetic character--she was not, in fact, a hired thug. She only worked for the villains of the strip because they had threatened her daughter; after Popeye found this out, he helped her and the other Goons fight back against their oppressors and Alice became a recurring character.

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The most famous of the Goons is Alice the Goon . Because she is a woman, Popeye cannot physically attack her. His honor says that he would never hit a woman, even someone as evil as the Sea Hag. In such cases, it is Olive Oyl herself who steps in and does physical damage to her.

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Released was a stamped, numbered, and signed Limited Edition lithograph, an edition size of 395. The lithograph shows Popeye slipping a lifesaver-ring onto Olive's finger along with Nana Oyl, Alice the Goon, Swee'Pea (cradled in Popeye's free arm), Wimpy, Granny, Eugene the Jeep, and Brutus (holding a large cauldron of steaming, cooked rice).

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Thimble Theatre. Alice's first appearance in Thimble Theatreview image. Alice the Goon vs Popeye the Sailor for the first time in "Plunder Island" view image. Alice's child near the conclusion of "Plunder Island" view image. "Mystery Melody" view image.

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7.1 /10 52 YOUR RATING Rate Animation Adventure Comedy Popeye accidentally joins a tough bloodthirsty crew who are traveling to Goonland for a cargo of Goonskin. Director Seymour Kneitel Writer Seymour Kneitel Stars Jackson Beck Jack Mercer See production info at IMDbPro Add to Watchlist 2 User reviews Director Seymour Kneitel Writer

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Character history [] Creation and development in Thimble Theatre []. The Moon Goons were created by Bud Sagendorf in 1949 for the 5th issue of the Popeye/Thimble Theatre comic book, in the story "Moon Goon!. Appearance []. They mostly resemble their Earthling counterparts in terms of body shape, head shape and hairy arms, but instead have rounder upper bodies, yellow rock-like skin, pink heads.

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Alice the Goon is a character in E. C. Segar 's comic strip Thimble Theatre and in Popeye cartoon series derived from it. She is a Goon, a member of the tribe of strange humanoids that live on Goon Island, and she serves as the leader of her people.

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Goonland is Popeye 's 65th cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount on October 21, 1938. It features Jack Mercer as both Popeye and Poopdeck Pappy, in the latter's screen debut. It also contains the only theatrical appearance of the Goons who act as the short's main antagonists. Contents 1 Plot 2 Color remake 3 Gallery

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pages Explore Wiki Content Media in: Places, Islands Goon Island Edit This article is about the location. For the animated short, see Goonland. Goon Island is a location in E. C. Segar 's Thimble Theatre comics, one of the many exotic, faraway locales visited by Popeye and company in their travels.

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But Popeye found that the Goons were clobbering the sailors under the hypnotic bidding of the now anti-Goon Sea Hag, posing as a sea monster. Alice and other Goons made the leap to animation with the rest of Popeye's crew. In Goonland (1938), the original naked, scarier Goons appeared, holding Poopdeck Pappy captive on their island. Later.