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Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkie mix) Yorkie chihuahua mix, Yorkie mix

The Chorkie is a mix of the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. Both parents of the breed come with their own traits and personality, and the Chorkie has pieces of both inside it. One way to fully understand the Chorkie then will be to know about its parents. Generally, Chihuahuas are loyal and can be overprotective of their owners.

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A mix between a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier, a Chorkie has a wide array of appearances and traits that they can inherit from each parent. Still, they're loyal pups and extremely smart. They can be the perfect snuggle companion on a rainy day and full of energy for games just a few moments later. Additionally, their small size makes them.

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Chihuahua-Yorkie Mix Coat and Colors. Go Up. The coat and colors of a Chihuahua-Yorkie mix vary due to the diverse genetics inherited from the parent breeds, giving them a unique look. When asking what does a Chihuahua and Yorkie mix look like, the coat is indeed a delightful feature to describe.. On the one hand, Yorkshire Terriers have long, silky straight hair that is typically tan and blue.

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A Yorkie Chihuahua Mix is a mix of the two breeds. The Yorkie is small, and the Chihuahua is large. Their hair can be any color, but often they have brown or black coats with tan markings. They are also very energetic and love to play fetch. Reference: yorkie chihuahua mix puppy.

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6 to 9 inches Weight 8 to 15 pounds Lifespan 12 to 15 years Colors brown, white, silver, blue, and black. Suitable for seniors, families with older children, apartment dwellers Temperament like being the only pet of the house, experience separation anxiety Shedding level low Barking level high Energy level low Chorkie Presentation Video

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You've heard of a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire terrier (also known as a Yorkie). But have you ever heard of a Chorkie dog? This is a tiny terrier that mixes the two purebreds. And the resulting hybrid breed is one of the cutest small dogs you'll ever encounter. But just because it's adorable doesn't mean the Chorkie is the perfect dog for you.

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Care Exercise Although everyday indoor games are enough for these little ones, but the chorkies are even more benefitted with daily walking and jogging. Even after a long walk, they wouldn't lose their energy to play with their owners.

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Coat The coat of a Chorkie is generally thick, fluffy, and soft. The length depends on the coat of her Chihuahua parent. Chorkie coat colors They can inherit any combination of black, brown, dark red, white, and grey. Ears Depending on the parent's traits she inherits, your future dog can have large or short ears.

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What Does A Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Look Like? A Yorkie Chihuahua Mix looks rectangular-shaped and is small in size. Looking typically like a toy dog, some breeds are so small that they can fit into a purse. Their ears are pointed and they inherited this trait from their Chihuahua parents.

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They range from 6 to 10 pounds in weight, and 6 to 9 inches in height. Coats and Colors Coat lengthen will depend, in part, on whether the Chihuahua parent was a short or long-haired breed. Chorkie coats can range from medium to long, with either a smooth, silky texture or a slightly coarser and wavy look.

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Get a Yorkie Chihuahua mix from a reputable breeder to avoid inevitable circumstances like health disorders and get vaccination certifications from the breeders. In addition, it is best to check with the pup's parents to guarantee his health and happiness. The cost of a Yorkie Chihuahua Puppy is $400 - $1500.

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Exercise needs ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Chorkie Highlights Chorkies are mixed breed dogs. They are not purebreds like their Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier parents. The main colors of Chorkies are brown,.

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This tiny terrier is a mix of the two purebreds, and the resulting hybrid breed is one of the cutest small dogs you'll ever encounter. But just because it's adorable doesn't mean the Chorkie is the perfect dog for you. Learn more about this small crossbreed, and find out if you've met your match. Breed Characteristics Origin: United States

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Do you think the Chorkies have lived up to their purpose of being a great family pet? Let's find out! What does a Chihuahua Yorkie mix dog look like? Having parents with dissimilar appearances, each Chihuahua Yorkie Mix has a distinct look. In some cases, littermates won't even share the same features.

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Appearance The Yorkie Chihuahua mix is fantastic mixed breed that can be called a mixture of names including Yorkiechi, Chiorkie, Choorkie, York-Chi and many others - but you get the idea. They are quite small and will normally weigh anywhere from five up to nine pounds. Their coat is long (although it can be cut short).