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55+ Breast Tattoo Ideas to Define Your Femininity by Sherri Owens From flowers to abstract designs, there is a wide variety of breast tattoos you can get. Breast tattoos are some of the most challenging tattoos to ink due to their placement. However, over the years, I have begun to appreciate these tattoos more and more.

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50+ Gorgeous Breast Tattoo Designs For Women 1. Flowery Breast Tattoos Colorful flowers look pretty but there is something about black and grey floral breast tattoos that makes them equally attractive. Here is an example for you to see. Take a look at how simple yet powerful of a picture this tattoo creates. 2. Rose Upper Breast Tattoos

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1. Butterfly Breast Tattoo 2. Sexy Breast Tattoo 3. Sweet Breast Tattoo 4. Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoo 5. Flowery Breast Tattoos 6. Quotation Breast Tattoo 7. Funny Breast Tattoos 8. Red Ribbon Tattoo 9. Designer Breast Tattoo

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They are an empowering personal choice of female tattoo Some common tattoo ideas for the sternum or breast area include: Floral Design Breast Tattoos Flowers, vines, and other botanical elements often symbolize growth, beauty, and femininity. A delicate flower design has great flexibility.


1. Flower tattoo on the side of each boob Flowers represent the feminine essence par excellence. There are tattoos with flower images in black and white and also in bright colors. Women tend to choose roses, but all flowers are incredibly beautiful and convey love. You should first look closely at tattoos with rose designs.

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An areola tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that is done on the area of the breast or chest where the areola is found. The idea of areola ink is that it alters the appearance of the nipple in some way, be it adding one or changing the shape. Areola tattoos are done in the same manner as other tattoos —by depositing ink under the skin to create a.

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40+ Beautiful Breast Tattoos For Women 1. Celtic Breast Tattoos 2. Sexy Breast Tattoos 3. Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoo 4. Red Ribbon Breast Tattoos 5. Designer Breast Tattoos 6. Butterfly Breast Tattoo 7. Quotation Breast Tattoo 8. Funny Breast Tattoos 9. Flowery Breast Tattoos 10. Moon Chest Tattoo 11. Under Breast Tattoo 12. Heart Chest Tattoo

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45+ Latest And Unique Breast Tattoo Designs: The breast area is a desirable area of a woman's body, and the curves can handle simple tattoo designs to complicated ones giving you an elevated finish. Let us see if any breast tattoo designs pique your interest enough to get it inked. 1. Curvy Under Breast Tattoo Designs: Save

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50+ Trending Ideas For Breast Tattoos In 2023 [For Men & Women] Written by InkMatch Team May 5, 2022 Be unique. Be different. Find a breast tattoo idea that reflects your personality. More than 50 unique and latest ideas are collected in our article. The history of the tattoo goes back to the Paleolithic era, which was in the 2600 millennium BC.

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Dragonflies: Symbolize transformation and light. Boxing Gloves: Represent the fight that those affected by cancer have faced. Crosses and Religious Symbols: Represent faith in God. Symbols and imagery that have a more personal meaning are also very common in breast cancer tattoos.

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Breast tattoos have always been popular. The designs might have evolved over the years but their charm has always been the same, if not more. Breast tattoos can range from dainty to detailed and minimal to dramatic. The allure of breast tattoos is everlasting whether it be the underbreast tattoos or tattoos for the sternum.

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A mastectomy tattoo is an artistic tattoo that is drawn on top of the breast area to cover mastectomy scars. Often, women who got implants but did not get nipple reconstruction choose to get mastectomy tattoos. Women who go flat may also get tattoos.

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Ashley Benson Okay, it's not exactly an under-boob tattoo, but it's pretty close. Ashley has "CD" tattooed near her breast, as well as the roman numeral for "1989," the year she was born..