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Paeonia lactiflora Elsa Sass (MidLate Season Flowering)

A SPECTACULAR PEONY! American Peony Society Gold Medal award winner, 'Elsa Sass' produces very fragrant, velvety, light-pink blooms that fade with age to nearly white. Resembling huge roses, the exquisite flowers are so large and full that we recommend providing support for them. Late-season. Very easy to establish and.

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Elsa Sass peony (734) 995-1486. Winner of the APS Gold Medal โ€” the peony world's highest honor โ€” this Nebraska-bred classic offers armloads of BIG, rose-like blooms of palest pink (especially in cool weather) maturing to white. Its sturdy stems and compact form make it an excellent garden plant, and its late bloom and gentle fragrance.

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Elsa Sass Peony features bold fragrant white flowers at the ends of the stems in early summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its compound leaves emerge burgundy in spring, turning green in color throughout the season. Landscape Attributes. Elsa Sass Peony is an herbaceous perennial with a more or less rounded form.

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Peony (Paeonia lactiflora 'Elsa Sass') Data specific to Peonies ; Originator/Registrant: H. P. Sass: Year of Registration or Introduction: 1930: Cultivar Group (Type): Lactiflora: Season of bloom: Late (week 6) Flower Form: Full Double: Flower Color: White: Flower color description:

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Globular white flowers on strong, medium tall stems. Seedling # 11-27. Reference: 1930-043:29.

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Award-winner Peony 'Elsa Sass' (Paeonia lactiflora) is incredibly beautiful with its large, velvety, white, fully double blossoms. Resembling roses, the large flowers are so packed with delicately incurved inner petals that the golden stamens are almost hidden. Slightly fragrant, the blooms are borne on stiff, strong stems and are pleasantly complemented by an outstanding foliage. A very.

Elsa Sass peony

Elsa Sass, along with Madame Claude Tain, is the whitest peony in our assortment. The stems are short, but thick and sturdy. The dark green leaves contrast nicely with the snow white colour of the fantastic smelling flowers. Origin. Elsa Sass was registered in 1930 and won the gold medal of the American Peony Society in 1943. The breeder of.

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Elsa Sass. $ 38.00 $ 30.40 (excl. tax) A spectacular beauty that boasts highly refined and well-tailored white, rose-form double flowers. Petals are incurved and very well organized, producing an extremely appealing effect. A choice variety for use in the landscape, this appealing compact plant carries its flowers upright without need for support.

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Elsa Sass is a late blooming cream-white peony that demands attention! She is one of our largest blooms and is one of our favorite to smell.. Elsa Sass has some of the most lusciously soft petals, and will make an elegant statement at any event. She is definitely one of our favorites! bottom of page. Organic, sustainably grown wedding.

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The white, fragrant, fully double flowers of Peony 'Elsa Sass' may carry a soft pink blush when in bud stage. Once open, they are so packed with petals they resemble large Roses. This elegant favorite, the latest to bloom of the white Peonies, has delighted gardeners since its introduction in 1930. The compact plants have short, sturdy.

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'Elsa Sass' has mid-green leaves, and late in the season, produces large, double white flowers with pink-blushed centers. Peonies are herbaceous. and highly ruffled double forms. The colors generally range from white, light pink to magenta and red. Plant peony tubers in the fall, 1 to 2 inches deep, in well prepared garden beds, with organic.

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Browse the Elsa Sass variety from Adelman Peony Gardens. We carry over 200 different varieties of peonies to choose from and can help select the perfect flower for you. (503) 393-6185. Elsa Sass $ 26.00 (Sass, 1930) White, double, very fragrant, late, 28โ€ณ tall, lactiflora. Large, perfectly formed rose-type flowers with a texture like velvet.

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Sass, H.P. (1930) Elsa Sass is a great peony with large petals and double cup-shaped flowers. Wonderfully fragrant, in the purest white imaginable, with a sporadic red marking. The huge flattened round buds show beautifully. The peony blooms very late and comes when the Sarah has long been cut. Should not be cut too young, as it will not open.

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The Elsa Sass Peony is a lush perennial with fragrant and showy flowers. In late spring and early summer, they produce rose-like blooms that are pale pink, almost white. Their gorgeous blooms have a lifespan of 7-10 days, though you can cut them and place them in a vase to fill your home with their sweet scent.

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Huge white blooms adorn the compact, dark green foliage of Elsa Sass Elsa Sass is, in many ways, the perfect white double peony. Its snowy, rose-form blooms come on late in the season, when many other peonies have begun to fade, and stand erect on sturdy stems that top out at about 30 inches in height. The dark green foliage is impeccable.

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Elsa Sass. Group: Lactiflora. Year Registered: 1930. Breeder/registrant: Sass, H.P. Parentage: x . Registration description:. The Spring 2023; No. 405 American Peony Society Bulletin is available online for reading. Enjoy and thanks to all of our members for their generous support! Become a Member to view this and other publications through.