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To mount the frame to your Jon Boat, you will need duck blind clamps. Sportsman Designs makes a real nice aluminum duck blind clamp that can hold ยพ inch conduit. You will need two clamps, one for the right front side and one for the right rear side.

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How To Build A DIY Duck Boat Blind In 11 Easy Steps. Start by determining the width of the interior of your boat with a measuring tape. Measure the length of the boat from the back in front of the motor to where the boat narrows. This ensures the boat blind will fit inside the boat. Cut two pieces of PVC pipe.

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In this video we show you how you can build a Jon boat duck blind for under $100, also pay attention to this update as we move closer to the California Duck.

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Here is the 12 foot Jon Boat duck blind we built.CAMO WE USED: BAR: LIGHTS:

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Here is the complete gear list for making a DIY duck blind. You can turn your aluminum Jon Boat into a portable duck blind for less than $100 and just a few.

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Avery Outdoors Quick-Set Duck Boat Blind Set - 14-16 Foot Banded Axe Combo Boat Shore Blind Onyx Universal Flotation Sport Vest Super Avery 18 Foot Telescoping Decoy Retriever Onyx Youth Universal Sport Life Vest Beavertail 1800 Series Boat Blind Beavertail 1700 Series Boat Blind Beavertail Boat Blind Extension Kit - 8 Inches

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1. Rock Solid Duck Boat Blind Kit 2. Jon Boat Blind 3. Duck Boat Scissor Blind Homemade Duck Blind for Boat Tutorials Conclusion Setting Up Duck Boat Blind Plan for DIY Customizing There are many elements that need to be accounted for before you decide to build a duck blind for your boats, such as hiding positions or design and materials.

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Duck boat blind building plans Sailboat optimist plans

A 90-degree connector is used on the pipes to form a sharp 90-degree edge. This additional part falls into the conduit bend that ends up on the boat's edge. The pipes should be in the right position to support any covering. T connectors and 45-degree connectors are needed to complete this step. 7. Scissor Duck Blind.

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Fortunately, you don't need an expensive blind kit to hide from ducks, there are many simple duck blind plans you can do by yourself, such as a beavertail, scissor-style, or Jon boat duck blind. In this article, I will guide you through how to build a duck blind for a boat! Table of Contents [ hide] What You Need

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#2 ยท Jun 1, 2011 download the powerpoint from the link in my signature. it is a How To powerpoint on how we built a modified scissor blind last season on a 1436 and a 1236 jon boat. Good luck and hope it helps. Plus, search this section. There are tons and i mean tons of threads about building duck blinds for boats in here. Nick "Ichabod"

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Avery Outdoors Quick-Set Duck Boat Blind Set - 14-16 Foot. Features: FrictionLoc frame design, Durable fluted aluminum, Installs in under two hours, One-time installation, Can be removed in 2 minutes, Exclusive RivNut system, 5 second set up/take down, Decreases cripple loss, 3-D die-cut CamoNets, Netted for easy stubbling, DuraMax WindBlockers, Entire frame fits inside boat, Mounts to most.

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Duck Boat Blinds for waterfowl hunting from Flyway Specialties! Our Easy-Up duck blinds will fit any size or shape of boat. It is "Simply the Best".

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#1 Beavertail Boat Blind The first custom boat blind we have to showcase is this beavertail boat blind that Gordon sent into us. For his blind he mounted 4 vertical pipes to the outside frame of the boat using ubolts. Then he curved the vertical pipes so they could connect together.

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1. Building a DIY $100 PVC Homemade DUCK Hunting Blind CHALLENGE!!! 2. Simple and Easy DIY Boat Blind 3. DIY Boat Duck Blind 4. How to Build a Boat Blind 5. How To Build A Duck Boat Blind (CHEAP!) 6. How to Build a Duck Blind for a Boat with a Low Budget 7. DIY Duck Blind On A Boat 8. DIY Duck Boat Blind 9.

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Duck Blind for 14ft. Jon Boat Jump to Latest Follow 13K views 14 replies 7 participants last post by h2ofwlr May 19, 2006 C ccollins123 Discussion starter 78 posts ยท Joined 2006 #1 ยท May 14, 2006 I have a 14ft. Jon Boat and I am trying to weigh the pros/cons between building a custom blind or buying one.