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15 XENOMORPHS (ALIEN) Yes, the drooling extraterrestrial predators from the iconic sci-fi/horror film series (and your nightmares) now officially qualify to join the ranks of Disney's nature-loving and beautiful heroines. After all, the Xenomorphs are the children of the universe's most terrifying queen.

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Artist: Kate Maxwell I wonder if one of Aladdin's wishes went terribly wrong? Either way, this is a twist on the ultimate hunter. 2. Princess Carrie Artist: Kate Maxwell With a mermaid twist, Carrie is definitely ready for prom. 3. Princess Regan Artist: Kate Maxwell You may reconsider an exorcism when she looks this fabulous. Page 1 of 3

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16 Wicked Disney Princesses Redesigned As Villains. By Danny Salemme. Published Apr 6, 2018. A handful of artists have given monstrous makeovers to classic Disney princesses— and the final results are startiling. If you're a parent looking for fictional characters your children might look up to, you'll likely turn to Disney.

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Frozen Disney From Sven the snarky reindeer, to Olaf the lounge-singing snowman, to its parting message about the power of sisterly love, Frozen broke major ground for Disney as a feel-good,.

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10 Pretty Disney princesses and fairies reimagined as evil zombies and other scary monsters. Subscribe:

9 Disney Princesses ReImagined as Horror Movie Villains

The third film from the Disney Renaissance, Beauty and the Beast, stays close to the original text of the fairy tale about a beautiful and kind young woman who falls in love with a prince that has been transformed into a beast. However, some changes were made from the original story, like the inclusion of Gaston, and Belle's father being portrayed as an inventor rather than a merchant.

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Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses as Horror Movie Villains | POPSUGAR Smart Living Smart Living Halloween This Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses as Halloween Characters, and They're.

Artist Transforms Classic Horror Villains Into Disney Princesses

Jeffrey Thomas, a cartoon artist and character designer in California, reimagines what our favorite Disney heroines would look like if their worlds were a whole lot darker and creepier.

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Kida ( Cree Summer) from Atlantis: The Lost Empire is the often forgotten Disney princess that packs a punch. In any mystical or supernatural feature, she's the final girl. She's survived a.

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11 Disney Princesses As Famous Horror Movie Characters (2016/09/01)- Tickets to Movies in Theaters, Broadway Shows, London Theatre & More | Broadway & London Theatre Tickets Movie.

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The original story behind The Little Mermaid. In the Disney version of Hans Christian Andersen's tale, Ariel eventually wins the heart of Prince Eric, gets her voice back and celebrates with a beautiful wedding on a boat, surrounded by her aquatic friends and family. In Hans Christian Andersen's original story, things don't end so rosily.

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Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) as a Vampire Merida as Chucky Tiana as Candyman Mulan as Samara from The Ring Jasmine as Regan from The Exorcist Pocahontas as Jason Voorhees Snow White as Freddy Krueger Love Real Life Ghost Hunting Shows? CLICK HERE FOR MORE! Ariel as The Creature from The Black Lagoon Post Views: 3,338 Liked it?

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The Big Picture. The Swan Princess stood out among Disney clones of the 1990s by offering a unique animation style and original characters, unlike many others that tried to imitate Disney's.

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Disney's Sleeping Beauty is a classic tale of a princess in distress and the prince who comes gallantly to her rescue. The original 17th-century Italian tale has similar beginnings: the princess, named Talia, pricked her finger on a spindle and was sent into a deep sleep, fulfilling an earlier prophecy. The rest of Talia's story is too gruesome to be a children's tale.

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Jeffrey Thomas twisted_princess__belle_by_jeftoon01 Based on her expression, Belle seems to be channeling Samara from " The Ring ." Jasmine Jeffrey Thomas twisted_princess__jasmine_by_jeftoon01.

Artist Transforms Classic Horror Villains Into Disney Princesses

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