Who Is Youtuber Anthony Fantano Wife? Everything You Need To Know!

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Anthony Fantano is a YouTube personality famous for his insightful music critiques and commentary. The YouTuber has been married to his wife, Dominique Boxley, for several years. However, she prefers to live a low-key lifestyle. Here is all you need to know about Anthony Fantano's wife. Profile summary Read also Who is Yvonne McGuinness?

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theneedledrop - YouTube Hi, everyone! Anthony Fantano here! Basically, this channel is passionately dedicated to reviewing music. If you choose to subscribe, you can expect to see d.

Who is Anthony Fantano's wife All you need to know about Dominique

TEAM Anthony Fantano Editor-in-Chief / Host Video Editor (theneedledrop) Austen Managing Editor Video Editor (fantano) Jeremy Video Editor (theneedledrop)

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Anthony Fantano (born 28 October 1985) is a music critic, Youtuber, journalist, vlogger from America. He is famous as The Needle Drop. Anthony Fantano Anthony Fantano Biography . He is famous for his YouTube channel "The Needle Drop" and he has described himself as "the internet's busiest music nerd".


But the most popular music vlogger, and certainly the most recognizable, is Anthony Fantano, aka The Needle Drop. Watch one of his videos, and his head will stick in your brain. It's an.

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Ethan Fields said Fantano is an influence on his TikTok videos. "I don't think there's anyone else like him, who's had that reach," Fields said. "If you told somebody on the street.

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Fantano also has over 2,779 patrons on Patreon. The minimum membership is $2 โ€” meaning at least $5,558 in revenue per month from Patreon. Anthony also used to host a weekly radio show called The Needle Drop on WNPR. Therefore, American music critic Anthony Fantano has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

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Anthony Fantano as seen in a picture that was taken in January 2022 (Anthony Fantano / Instagram) Anthony Fantano Facts. During his teenage years, Anthony resided in Wolcott, Connecticut. He started taking an interest in politics during his teenage years as he enjoyed listening to the work of musician Jello Biafra who is the former lead singer.

Who Is Youtuber Anthony Fantano Wife? Everything You Need To Know!

Anthony Fantano, the music critic and YouTuber with millions of viewers on his channel, is not well known to have had a girlfriend. Instead, he married Dominique Boxley after meeting online during the late 2000s; both fell deeply in love over music!

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Anthony Fantano is an American music critic, interviewer, YouTuber and internet personality known for his music-related YouTube channel 'The Needle Drop". You have an impressive 2,300,000+.

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Anthony Fantano ( / fรฆnหˆtรฆnoสŠ / fan-TAN-oh; born October 28, 1985) is an American music critic and internet personality who runs the YouTube channel The Needle Drop and its tie-in website, as well as its Twitch [5] streaming channel.

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Famous music reviewer Anthony Fantano (L) and his wife, Dominique Boxley. Photo: @fantano Source: UGC Everyone knows Anthony Fantano as one of the finest music reviewers of the time. In 2020, the New York Times named him "Probably the most popular music critic [of the current era]".

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Singer Drake and music critic Anthony Fantano recently got into an internet feud after the latter released messages that the former had allegedly sent to him. The Hotline Bling rapper has,.

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Hi, everyone! Anthony Fantano here.again! Cause it turns out the Internet's busiest music nerd is too busy for just one channel dedicated to music. Here you'll find discussions and rants about.

Anthony Fantano's wife Dominique caught in crossfire of Drake DM drama

The cat's out of the bag, so.=====Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theneedledropFollow your melon:Twitter: https://twitter.co.

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Anthony Fantano Family - Does he have a wife or girlfriend? Anthony Fantano is married. After many years of dating, the famous music critic tied the knot with his longtime African American girlfriend; Dominique Boxley. Interestingly, his wife can sometimes be seen on The Needle Drop vlog while entertaining her fans with her favorite songs..