Shiny Virizion Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players

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Virizion charge moves guide Virizion has access to 4 Charge moves (Stone Edge, Leaf Blade, Close Combat, and Sacred Sword), which cover Rock, Grass, and Fighting-type attacks. When using Leaf Blade, Close Combat, and Sacred Sword you will benefit from STAB (Same-Type-Attack-Bonus), which increases the move damage by ×1.2.

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Type chart shows the percentage (%) of damage taken from an incoming attack of a particular type. Virizion moves and best movesets. Virizion. 's best moveset in Pokémon GO is Double Kick and Sacred Sword, with 14.75 damage per second, and it can deal 559.4 damage before Virizion faints.. This is true when battling in neutral weather. You need an Elite Charge TM to get Sacred Sword.

Pokemon GO Virizion Raid Guide Best Counters & Weaknesses

Virizion is a Grass/Fighting type featuring good bulk, a very strong and unique moveset, and a risky typing. While its no match for the king of Ultra League, Giratina, its unique coverage is quite valuable against common Dark and Steel-types meant to fight Giratina. Access to Leaf Blade is also a welcome asset to dispatch Water Pokemon like.

Shiny Virizion Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players

Virizion Weaknesses and Best Counters in Pokemon Go. Image Source: Pokemon Anime via The Nerd Stash. As we said earlier, Virizion is a Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon, which means it is weak against Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, Fairy, and Flying-type attacks. All attacks of these types deal increased damage to it, but the Flying-type movesets.

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Virizion best moveset. The best moveset for Virizion is Quick Attack with Leaf Blade, but we strongly suggest saving your TMs for something else. There are a lot of grass-types that out-damage.

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Pokemon GO trainers can prepare for Virizion battle raids by studying this list of weaknesses and the best counters against the raid boss.

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Pokemon Go players should equip Virizion with Double Kick as its Fast Move, with Leaf Blade and Sacred Sword as Charged Moves. All three moves listed above are either Grass or Fighting, good for.

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Virizion weaknesses in Pokemon GO. As a dual Grass and Fighting type, the biggest Virizion weakness you should keep in mind is Flying-type attacks, being 256% effective against the legendary Pokemon. If you're short on strong party members with Flying-type moves, Virizion is also 160% weak to Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy-types .

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The good news is that Shiny Virizion is currently available in Pokemon Go. This rare variation made its debut back in May 2020 and remains available in the game's 5-Star Raid Battles to this day.

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The best PvP moveset for Virizion in Pokemon Go is Double Kick as a Fast Move combined with Sacred Sword and Leaf Blade as Charged Moves. Double Kick and Sacred Sword is a formidable Fighting-type duo that gets wide coverage and destroys some of the biggest meta picks in PvP. Leaf Blade costs the same energy as Sacred Sword but deals more damage.

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Virizion is a legendary Grass & Fighting Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Flying, Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice and Fairy moves.. Virizion currently has no evolutions in Pokémon GO. Virizion Raid Guide. Virizion has previously been Raid Boss in Tier 5 Raids. Raid. Tier. Boss CP. 3,227. Suggested players. 2-5. Boss HP. 123. Caught CP range.

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Virizion in Pokémon GO.Credit: Niantic Top Virizion Counters. Pokebattler, which calculates all possible combinations of Pokémon and moves, lists the top 10 Virizion counters as such:. Shadow.

Pokemon Go Virizion Raid Guide

Overview. Virizion is arguably the weakest and easiest of its trio to short-man, due primarily to its double-weakness to Flying. While this isn't a commonly prioritized type in the current metagame, most players have access to an exceptional option by simply using a few TMs on any Rayquaza that they may have raised in order to get access to its.

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Virizion Weakness in Pokemon Go. Virizion is a Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon, giving it a ton of different weaknesses. The Gen 5 Legendary is weak to Fire, Fairy, Psychic, Poison and Ice-type moves.

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Pokemon 146 Moltres (Image credit: The Pokémon Company). The Legendary Fire and Flying type from Gen I, Moltres is a superb counter for Virizion even with the introduction of Mega Pokémon and the rebalance of Shadow Pokémon. It's been available a number of times in Raids, Research Breakthrough Rewards, and even as a Shadow Pokémon, so most players have at least a couple powered up.