5 beautiful road trip routes in Sweden Farmstay Sweden

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And a west coast Sweden road trip is the best way to experience this part of the country. The botanic garden in Gothenburg, the largest city along the West Coast of Sweden. What to know about traveling the West Coast of Sweden

5 beautiful road trip routes in Sweden Farmstay Sweden

Engelsberg Ironworks. Rock Carvings in Tanum. Skogskyrkogården. Hanseatic Town of Visby. Naval Port of Karlskrona. Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland. Mining Area of the Great Copper Mountain in Falun. Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg. There are other places to visit of course.

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Europe, Gothenburg, Road Trip, Smögen and Sotenäs, Sweden, The Best Day Trips From Gothenburg, Sweden · March 31, 2022 West Sweden Road Trip Itinerary - The 7 Beautiful Islands and Villages You Must See A West Sweden Road Trip Travel Guide and Itinerary The West of Sweden has one of the most beautiful and underrated landscapes in the world.

5 beautiful road trip routes in Sweden Farmstay Sweden

What's the drive like? Picture pretty scenic views that showcase the Swedish countryside, where green fields are dotted with traditional red houses. The total distance of this route is 937 kilometres (581 miles), with each driving stretch ranging between 1 to 4 hours, without stops. Day 1 - Stockholm

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Explore Sweden's landscapes and monuments on this 10-day road trip loop that starts and ends in the capital city of Stockholm. Drive north to Uppsala and Gävle to explore castles and nature reserves, then continue west to the famous Falun Copper Mine and a horse farm in Mora. Visit Örebro Castle and boat on Lake Mälaren before circling back to Stockholm, which you'll get to know on a guided.

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Your ultimate guide to all things travel related Car pick up location? Pick up date Time Drop off date Time Discount code? Scenic drives in Sweden Top 10 Road Trips in Sweden: The Wilderness Road Dalsland to Stromstad Stromstad to Malmo Arctic Road Trip Blekinge Coast Dalarna Circuit Tjorn to Gothenburg Humeslingan in Scania Lake Malaren Circuit


Sweden Road Trip Itinerary Day 1: Stockholm Day 2: Stockholm to Gävle Day 3: Gävle to Åre Day 4: Åre Swedish Lapland Side Trip Day 5: Åre to Mora Day 6: Mora to Karlstad Kosterhavet National Park Side Trip Day 7: Karlstad to Gothenburg Day 8: Gothenburg to Malmö Other Nearby Road Trips Day 9: Malmö to Karlskrona Day 10: Karlskrona to Jönköping

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The Øresund Bridge is 16 km long and connects Denmark with Sweden. Crossing it is an experience that could not be missing from such a road trip. The cost of the tolls is 65 EUR for a regular car. Once you pass the bridge, you will be 5 minutes from the airport and the center of Copenhagen.

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Sweden stretches almost 1650 km, from north to south, from the Swedish Lapland in the north all the way down to the farmlands of the south. 1) Touring the whole of Sweden by car This is just an overview of the Grand Tour road trip route, where you get to see most of Sweden by car.

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Come with us on our road-trip as we create our own Swedish experiences that delve deeply into its culture and its landscape. Perhaps through our eyes you can then make up your own minds about what Sweden has to offer. For a more detailed look at travelling to Sweden in a camper, then check out our comprehensive Top Tips Guide by clicking here.

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For the ultimate road trip, drive along Sweden's Wilderness Road, a ruggedly majestic route through some of the country's most outstanding and remote nature. Take in breathtaking scenery, from dramatic mountains and expansive plains to pristine lakes and waterfalls, all peppered with wildlife large and small. Last updated 28 April 2023

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Road trips to shellfish, art and spas on the Swedish West Coast. Northern Bohuslän is a region of rocky bluffs and coastal meadows, oysters, seafood and spa experiences - as well as cosy accommodation in picturesque fishing villages. Our tip is to go in spring or autumn to get a more genuine experience of coastal life outside the high season.

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Tour the 3 big Swedish cities With 2 weeks in Sweden, you could travel between Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. You'll enjoy the mix of urban vibes, with interactive museums and grand royal palaces, and the superb nature and tranquil oases along the way.

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Dec 1, 2021 • 7 min read Hands up if you're excited to go on a road trip in Sweden! © Maskot / Getty Images With rich history, vibrant traditions and glorious nature everywhere you look, Sweden is made for road trips.

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October 24, 2023 With so much to see and do, planning the ultimate Sweden road trip itinerary is pretty tough! Well, here's what I think to be the best route to take. In late 2019, we were fortunate enough to have more than 3 weeks to road trip through Sweden.

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Sweden Road Trip Attractions Itinerary Optional Extras Map What's Included Reviews More Explore Sublime Sweden by car Get ready for a riveting road trip in Sweden! In this 7-day tour, you will cover a lot of ground, with sweeping views of lush green fields and small red cottages dotting the landscape.