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In orchard road a welcome back Is waiting there just for me In orchard road the sun will shine Again I know I know In orchard road you keep my love Just waiting there for me Its eight o'clock and the dawns arrived In orchard road it's breakfast time I climb in my car and I turn the key and I'm gone I am coming home To orchard road I'm coming home

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Leo Sayer Orchard Road


Orchard Road by Leo Sayer at Yeovil on 24th May 2019 YouTube

"Orchard Road" by Leo Sayer is a heartfelt song about longing, regret, and the desire to return to a place of happiness and love. The lyrics revolve around the protagonist seeking to reconnect with someone from their past, specifically in Orchard Road, which seems to hold sentimental value and represent a place where their heart was left behind.

Leo Sayer Orchard Road YouTube

Gerard Hugh "Leo" Sayer (born 21 May 1948) [2] is an English-Australian singer and songwriter who has been active since 1973. He has been an Australian citizen and resident since 2009. Sayer launched his career in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, and he became a top singles and album act on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1970s. [3]

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Leo Sayer performs "Orchard Road" at the Arcadia Theatre, St. Charles, IL on 32423 YouTube

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0:00 4:23 LEO SAYER - ORCHARD ROAD ( VINYL 1983 ) John Crook 3.95K subscribers 17K views 10 years ago Leo Sayer Orchard Road . This the A- side vinyl record released in 1983. It was released as.

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Orchard Road Leo Sayer Chords C x32010 G 320033 Am x02210 F 133211 Dm xx0231 Ab 466544 Bb 688766 Cm 335543 A x02220 E 022100 D xx02320 [Intro] C G Am Em F Am Dm G6 G [Verse 1] C G Am To.

Leo Sayer Orchard Rd LIVE at The Wyvern Theatre Swindon 2022 YouTube

Leo Sayer - Orchard road (1983) 4:57; LEO SAYER - GONE SOLO ( VINYL 1983 ) 4:02; Lists Add to List. Rock Pop 1955-75 by johann1958; Singles by HansQ; 7" ALLGEMEIN by herbyesterday; Singles by djtroll;

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" Orchard Road " is a song by Leo Sayer released in February 1983 as the second single from his tenth album Have You Ever Been in Love. It peaked at number 16 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming his final top-twenty hit until his 2006 feature on "Thunder in My Heart Again". [1] Release and composition

Leo Sayer Orchard Road YouTube

Leo Sayer's Orchard Road is a metaphorical reflection of one's journey through life. The song tells the story of a person who revisits a place from their past. Orchard Road, a famous shopping district in Singapore, becomes symbolic of the narrator's memories and represents a nostalgic longing for the innocence and joy of their younger years.

Leo Sayer LIVE 2019. Orchard Road at The Lowther Pavilion St Annes. YouTube

5 click a star to vote May 22nd 2019 !โƒ This is one of my favourite songs. A married man has an affair with a woman whom he falls in love with and leaves his wife. He realises after living with his lover he has made a terrible mistake and wants to return home to his wife. He has hurt his wife terribly and begs her to forgive him.

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Standing here Waiting in the cold night air But I've got to make this call Cause my heart is breaking I hear the pips, drop a coin in the slot Has it been that long? I thought you'd forgotten me I.

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Orchard Road Listen online Leo Sayer Leo Sayer Follow 3 fans Leo Sayer Leo Sayer (born Gerard Hugh Sayer on 21 May 1948) is a British singer-songwriter, musician, and entertainer whose singing career has spanned four decades. Sayer became a naturalised Australian citizen in 2009.