Düsseldorf Christmas Markets Guide 2021 Where to Go, What to Eat & More!

Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf

Wren's winner for the most romantic Dusseldorf Christmas Market. The captivating Düsseldorf Rathaus (City Hall) square in the heart of the Altstadt (Old Town), forms a fairytalesque backdrop. The cheery red Christmas huts and welcoming lights huddle beneath the magnificent Jan Wellem horse statue and a towering tree!

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Düsseldorf's Christmas Market scene is known for its seven unique themed markets, which are all scattered around the city and decorated in different (yet beautiful) ways.

Düsseldorf Christmas Markets Guide 2021 Where to Go, What to Eat & More!

November 19, 2023 No Comments Article Index The Best Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf, Germany Altstadt-Markt (or the Old Town Christmas Market in Düsseldorf) Handwerker-Markt (Crafts Market) Shadow-Market (Christmas Market Next to Shadow Shopping Center) Kö-Bogen-Markt Sternchen-Markt Engelchen-Markt (the Little Angel Market)

Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023 Dates, hotels, things to do,... Europe's Best Destinations

The Best Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf | © Gellinger / Pixabay Anwesha Ray 19 May 2020 Just when the winter chill sets in over the Rhine, Dusseldorf's Christmas markets open their doors to offer locals and tourists a galore of festive cheer, a riot of lights and colors, and dollops of fun.

Düsseldorf Christmas Markets 2023 Dates, Hotels & More Christmas Markets in Europe

Düsseldorf Christmas Markets is considered the oldest, largest and most famous Christmas market in Germany, attracting millions of visitors each year. Düsseldorf Christmas Markets are held in Altstadt, Düsseldorf and are composed of several interconnected squares.

Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2020 Dates, hotels, things to do,... Europe's Best Destinations

The Dusseldorf Christmas Market is one of the most underrated markets in Germany and should definitely be on your bucket list! With seven different Christmas Markets throughout the city, each with its own unique theme, Dusseldorf definitely knows how to get into the holiday spirit!

Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2022 Everything You Need To Know Jetsetting Fools

The store's in-house Christmas market has a long-established tradition of putting up a charity tree. In 2023, there are a total of three present trees, along with seven donation trees.. duesseldorf.riesenrad.info. You can find detailed information about all the events during Düsseldorf's festive season here. Lead photo: Visit Düsseldorf.

Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023 Dates, hotels, things to do,... Europe's Best Destinations

The Christmas Market in Dusseldorf isn't limited to one location; the city proudly proclaims seven distinct markets - plus a Ferris wheel, an ice rink and other Christmassy spots. Each one unique, the markets are located along cobblestone lanes, in prominent squares and in hidden, cozy corners.

Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023 Dates, hotels, things to do,... Europe's Best Destinations

All the Christmas markets across the city run from November 18th to December 30th this year (2021). The markets cannot be missed as they're cheerfully presented at all the main points in the city… which brings me to my next point… where? Where are the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets?

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The best part? Düsseldorf has created eight themed market areas! Talk about a city filled with Christmas cheer. Want to plan a trip? Our 2021 Düsseldorf Christmas Market guide is here to help! Current Rules Due to COVID-19, Düsseldorf has adopted Germany's 2G regulation policy for their 2021 Christmas Market.

Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf Christmas Market dates: 23rd November to 30th December 2023. Location: Altstadt Markt is located on Flinger Straße and Marktstraße. The Artisan Market is at Düsseldorf Rathaus (Town Hall). Schadow-Markt is along Schadowstraße. Opening times: 11am to 8pm, closes at 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Christmas Day: Closed.

Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023 Dates, hotels, things to do,... Europe's Best Destinations

Visit Dusseldorf Christmas Market, one of the Best Christmas Markets in Germany. From 23rd November to 30th December - a longer period than ever before - the Christmas Market will be inviting visitors to the city centre with a large variety of Christmas worlds in different looks.


9 Magical Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf, Germany Updated on December 15, 2023 As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. If you're dreaming of a magical holiday experience, then look no further than the enchanting Christmas markets in Düsseldorf!

Dusseldorf Christmas Market 2023 Everything You Need To Know Jetsetting Fools

This Dusseldorf Christmas market is a great place to get all of your presents before Christmas Day. It is the main market in the city and also a spectacular place to find food, which you can buy from cute huts that look like Dusseldorf Burgher houses!

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Dusseldorf Christmas Markets. Dates: 23rd November to 30th December 2023. There are 7 different Christmas markets located in Dusseldorf, so you will not be bored. I would recommend going for 2 days so you can take in all it has to offer. However, if you are living within 2 hours, a day trip is nice too.

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Christmas in Düsseldorf The city lights up festively, the Dome of Lights shines brightly, the smell of roasted almonds fills the air and the Düsseldorf Christmas market attracts visitors with arts and crafts, the Old Town market and delicious treats.