Introducing The New Yema Superman Heritage GMT Pepsi and GreyBlue (Live Pics & Price

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If you care about the hobby, don't support this brand. 5. MrWilliamus. • 2 yr. ago. The watch itself is fine and good quality, except some QC issues that the customer service takes time to fix, but mostly does fix in the end. Think details like misalignments, loose rotating bezels, and minor problems with the crown locking piece. 1. r/Watches.

Yema Rallygraf Blue Tarmac YMHF1572GM for ฿14,951 for sale from a Trusted Seller on Chrono24

America's Premier Watchmaker. 30th Anniversary 1992-2022. Hand Crafted and Custom Timepieces . Engine-Turning · Glass Enamel · Bespoke

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YEMA MANUFACTURE Premium models equipped enjoy our new in-house Manufacture Calibers with a 5 years warranty SUPERMAN BRONZE MANUFACTURE CALIBER CMM.10 39mm / 41mm SUPERMAN BRONZE MANUFACTURE CALIBER CMM.10 39mm / 41mm SUPERMAN BRONZE MANUFACTURE CALIBER CMM.10 39mm / 41mm

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If this process is easy and the endlinks are snug to the case and lugs, Violla! The five-link brushed bracelet is comfortable and features two rows of polished links. Yema also offers the Superman 500 GMT on a leather ($1259) or FKM ($1429) strap. The lug width on the 39mm model is 19mm (as reviewed), while the 41mm model is 20mm.

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1948 HENRY LOUIS BELMONT . In 1948 Henry Louis Belmont, a methodical and pioneer French watchmaker, created his own watchmaking company under the name of Yema, Mr Belmont graduated top of his class from the National Watchmaking School of Besançon in 1931.The story goes that the name of the brand was born of the imagination of a teenager in a school contest organised by Henry Louis Belmont.

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January 1, 2022 Hello everyone, and welcome to another of my reviews. In this article, I'll be reviewing the new Wristmasters from French watch brand Yema. The Yema Adventurer (left) and the Yema Traveller (right), priced at 590€/~S$909 and 790€/~S$1217 respectively.

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26. April 2022 #1 Da Yema-Uhren in der Watchlounge eher dünn gesät sind und nur selten zu sehen, habe ich mich entschlossen, die Vorstellung der Yema Superman Heritage Blue, die ich in einem Nachbarforum im Oktober 2020 publiziert habe, auch hier zu veröffentlichen.

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Yema, Yachting Chronograph, Ref. 3752 MS, Cal. Val. 7733, circa 1973. Der Uhrenhersteller Yema wurde 1948 von Henry Louis Belmont in Besançon (Frankreich) gegründet. Belmont gelingt es, ein Team junger Uhrmacher zusammenzuführen, das über genügend Ehrgeiz verfügte, Uhren in bester Qualität zu fertigen. Das technische Know-How dafür war.

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The Yema Pearldiver Ref. YCL1-MRM, on the other hand, is a vintage-inspired timepiece based on the 1970s Yema Navygraf II. This watch has a classic diving watch look that is quite reminiscent of the popular Rolex Submariner. This Yema Pearldiver watch sports a 38mm stainless steel case and a bracelet also made of stainless steel.

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Yema has quite a good range of really cool old designs and with the popularity of 50's/60's designs in watches they are now doing a lot of reissues. One thing I commend them for is that with every reissue they seem to deal with issues they ran into and they use the feedback they got from their customers. They are also doing some pretty cool.

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4.4 VERIFIED COMPANY Visit this website Write a review 4.4 1,617 total 12% 1-star Filter Sort: Most relevant NI Nicholas 1 review AU 5 hours ago Invited Yema watches, Breath of fresh air Great to see some refreshing and exciting new designs. Love the retro feel to some of the new ones. Really enjoying the Yema Navygraf Heritage.

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Wittnauer as a watch brand was born around 1880 - more than 130 years ago. It was a brand from the american company J. Eugéne Robert. Wittnauer logo on a watch from the 1960s. I have the Wittnauer 2000 watch and this led me to investigate more about the brand and the people behind. Jacques Eugéne Robert was born in 1833 in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

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Beiträge 187 Also ich bin gerade ziemlich enttäuscht von Yema. Ich habe letzten Mittwoch spontan noch mal bei Yema reingeschaut und siehe da: die neue Superman Quartz kommt doch mit Saphirglas ( Yema Superman Heritage Black ). Ich habe sie dann spontan bestellt, noch drei mal nachgelesen, dass da wirklich Saphirglas in der Beschreibung steht.

Introducing The New Yema Superman Heritage GMT Pepsi and GreyBlue (Live Pics & Price