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93.4K 2.4K 67 I don't know what I'm doing Has swearing TordTom Oneshots Book 296 12 6 New book of Oneshots. Remember the rules. Dom Tord Sub Tom Top Tord Bottom Tom No kinks, fetishes, No full smuts, Never Ever Bottom Tord Mature TomTord/TordTom Oneshots and eddsworld art 100K 3.1K 55

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TomTord is the slash ship between Tom and Tord from Eddsworld fandom. In PowerEdd it is shown during a flashback that Tord and Tom have known each other since their childhood, being shown next to each other in their classroom. The oldest interaction between them takes place in Zombeh Nation, when Tord says they should go their way through the abandoned house and Tom agrees with him stating.

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After Patryk sneaks his way back to the Red Army base, Tom's forced to carry out orders to retrieve him. Do things go smoothly for Tom? Of course not. Inspired by and a continuation of Running with the Big Dogs. I really wanted to see Tom interact with Tord after the hints of Tom's grief in that fic, so tadaaa!

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Gay Tom (Eddsworld) Dom/sub. Though predetermined in execution, Tord Larsen finds himself conflicted with feelings of possession over his newfound obsession and otherwise victim, Thomas Rockwell, an unwitting target of his desires. In a volatile dance of dominance and vulnerability, Tord's abusive tendencies intertwine with a glimmer of mercy.

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Tom Edd and Matt created the Green army, an army to stop the communist Red Army that Tord is the infamous leader of. The Green Army had been overrun and taken over by its corporate sponsors. Tom deserted the Green army after Edd and Matt disappeared in the night and ran to a Red Army camp unarmed in hopes to ask Tord for help.

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Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 206 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: Sep 19 - Tom, Matt, Edd, Tord El Amor Es Un Suéter De Colores by LaGataOtaku reviews ¿Eres un Bicho Raro? ¿Shipeas como lunático todo el tiempo? ¡¿Crees que eres un buen fan de Eddsworld!

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Ship: Tord x Tom from Eddsworld..more.more Suggested by Re:Think Can't Help Falling in Love [DARK VERSION] feat. brooke - Tommee Profitt As Long As You Love Me Eddsworld Map COMPLETE Xeroxi.

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Tom is So Done (Eddsworld) Monster Tom (Eddsworld) Power Bottom Tom (Eddsworld) Sad Tom (Eddsworld) It's been a week since Tom knocked Tord down from his throne. But instead of burning the chair, he found it rather comfortable. Unfortunately, becoming the leader of an army comes with a curse: corruption.

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Eddsworld tom x tord (tomtord) Iz Sp 1.24K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 2.2K 101K views 5 years ago Tom gets Tord to spit out the truth that he hide for quite awhile. (+13).more.

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0:00 / 10:59 Carving Pumpkins: Featuring Tom and Tord vivaciiousFanatic 44.6K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 1.2M views 6 years ago Tom and Tord try to put aside their differences long enough.

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Stockholm Syndrome tom hates tord tord is obsessed with tom tom can't bring himself to betray tord Some Plot

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Tordxtom Stories Refine by tag: tordxtom tomxtord eddsworld tomtord tordtom tord tom edd ewtom ewtord matt mattxedd eddxmatt eddmatt mattedd ewedd ewmatt gay eddsworldtom eddsworldtord 262 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 TomxTord Smut! by Jordan Taylor 148K 1.5K 9 This is a smut/nsfw story between Tom and Tord.

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14 Jan 2024 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Tord (Eddsworld)/ Zhongli (Genshin Impact) Tord (Eddsword) & Zhongli (Genshin Impact) Zhongli (Genshin Impact) Tord (Eddsworld) Bonanus (Genshin Impact) Menogias (Genshin Impact) Indarias (Genshin Impact) Guizhong (Genshin Impact) Liuyun Jiefeng Zhenjun | Cloud Retainer Todoroki Enji | Endeavor

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Tord is living with Edd, Matt, and Tom yet again. Tom doesn't trust him, and it's going to take a lot to gain Tom's trust. Will Tord find a way to build a friendship bet. tordxtord; edd; matteddsworld +16 more # 10. TomxTord Smut! by Jordan Taylor. 149K 1.5K 9. This is a smut/nsfw story between Tom and Tord. Also, all four of them are room.